Laid-off chef offering over 10 different types of delicious Pop Tarts

CHICAGO -- Chicago chef Halee Raff was one of many who lost her job during the pandemic. She didn't let COVID-19 stop her from doing what she loves. Raff went from unemployed to business woman with her company Hardbittenn, best known for their Pop Tarts.

Hardbittenn started a little over a year ago as just a hobby, said Raff. She quickly gained a following and is now a full-blown business. Her Pop Tarts are all made from scratch- besides the sprinkles. Customers get to choose over 10 different kinds.

"It's so fulfilling knowing that people will want to place their orders with me and they are fine waiting two or three weeks for it," said Raff.

Sweets aren't the only thing on the menu. Hardbittenn is also known for its elaborate cakes and dinner meals.
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