Did You Know that the World's FIRST Nutella Cafe Opened in Chicago?

CHICAGO -- The world's first Nutella Café opened in Chicago in 2017.

The restaurant has been a boon for fans of the chocolate hazelnut spread, drawing regular customers from all over the Midwest.

"The worldwide appeal and what people wanted from Nutella and our parent company, Ferrara, they just can't get enough of this," said Richard Fassali, GM of Nutella Cafe. "The next natural progression was opening our own restaurant."

The café menu offers several brunch and dessert options, from chocolate crepes and espresso drinks to Nutella flavored ice cream and shakes.

In honor of World Nutella Day - which falls every year on February 5 - Nutella Cafe's will offer free personalized jars to the first 100 customers in-store
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