High school percussionist finds passion for music despite burn injuries

GALVESTON, Texas -- Jesus Salinas is a rare talent.
The 17-year-old is described as once in a generation student by his band director at Ball High School in Galveston, where he plays percussion instruments including the marimba and xylophone.

Salinas is fulfilling his dreams in music despite overcoming tremendous personal challenges. When he was a baby, he suffered severe burns in a fire and lost some of his fingers and an entire hand.
He always had a passion for music, and first started playing percussion using prosthetics. Then he and his band director came up with an easier way, using sweatbands to attach mallets to his arms. Together, theyre pushing the boundaries.
Overcoming what hes overcome and the way his mindset is, Ive never seen anybody do it like that, said assistant band director Andrew Vowell. If we had more people like Jesus, wed have less problems in the world.

For Salinas, the key to success is having the right attitude.
You cant just wait for change to happen, said Jesus. You have to create the change within you.