Break Things on Purpose & Let Go of That Stress

CHICAGO -- Feeling stressed? Does the idea of smashing plates sound like a dream come true?

Throw Nation might save you hundreds on therapy while enjoying a night out. Axe throwing, plate smashing, bowling with footballs, hammering nails and hitting beer bottles with frisbees are just some of the activities offered at this suburban Chicago location.

"[Throw Nation] is a way to engage with your friends and family beyond eating dinner and talking," said Shannon McDonald, Throw Nation games management producer.

"[The ax throwing sport] began in Canada in the early 2000s and eventually made its way down here to the states," said Throw Nation's community outreach director Cody Stein. "In the past 5, 6 years or so, it's really exploded in popularity. It's by far our most popular game. It's what go us started."
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