Little Caesars denies claim that they sell frozen DiGiorno pizzas as their own

You may have heard about the big pizza flap burning up Twitter faster than you can say hot cheese.

A video shot and posted by a man named Vincent Romero went wildly viral.

The video shows a shopping cart full of DiGiorno frozen pizzas at a Little Caesars location in Indiana.

DiGiorno even weighed in on the situation.

The big question is: was Little Caesars serving it?

Were they passing off the frozen pizza as their own? Well, the answer is no.

Little Caesars investigated and found that the video was shot at an Indiana Kmart, which was in the process of disposing of expired DiGiorno pizzas at the time the video was taken.

They add, Little Caesars only serves freshly baked pizzas made from fresh dough.

Basically, this was merely a funny coincidence.
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