Beer bottles for babies sparks online controversy

Watch out parents, because there's some controversy brewing over a baby beer bottle.

The Chill Baby Li'l Lager baby Bottle is a prank bottle available from manufacturers Fred and Friends. With a tinted brown color and a label that reads "Lil' Lager Premium Quality, the bottle clearly resembles a beer. The description for the item is available below.

"Double-takes are guaranteed when Junior is chugging his favorite beverage from Fred's CHILL, BABY Li'l Lager baby bottle. No, it's not beer, it's just good old baby formula served up in a BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic bottle with a food-grade silicone nipple. Cheers! Li'l Lager holds 10 fluid ounces and is easily disassembled for cleaning." The bottle, priced at $12, is available for pre-order with an expected in-stock date of May 29, 2015, according to the Fred and Friends website.

ABC News had reached out to Fred and Friends, requesting comment on the bottle and whether the company has concerns the Li'L Lager Baby Bottle may encourage children to consume alcohol. The company has not yet responded.

What do you think? is the Li'l Lager Baby Bottle just a hilarious gag? Or is it ill-conceived?
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