River Oaks home known as 'The Light House' offers green living

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Monday, December 21, 2015

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- This rare home in River Oaks shows you don't have to sacrifice style to live green.

"The Lighthouse" is a stunning 3700 square foot, contemporary-style home, built from steel, aluminum and glass.

The 140 solar panels and 40 foot floor-to-ceiling windows were designed around Houston's natural sunlight.

The masterminds behind this 'cool space' are the husband and wife team Joe and Gail Adams, of Adams Architects.

They have been passionately creating environmental friendly, award-winning, residential and commercial designs for more than 30 years.

"The Lighthouse" is completely self-sufficient, and was designed to depend on nature to exist," says Joe Adams.

"This house is coupled to the sky for its power, it's coupled to the earth for its cooling, and it's coupled to the clouds for its water."

Rainwater serves as the source for the homeowners water needs and there is an underground geothermal system that keeps the home a constant 65 degree temperature.

"The building industry in Texas can often be deemed as big and excessive," says Joe. "This is a Texas big idea house. It's an environmentally responsible way for a client to spend their money in a way that is respectful to their environment."

The homeowners say, "The best part of our hard-working day is coming home to the silence, the light, and the tranquility of our equally hard-working house."