Some Liberty County residents dealing with flooding

LIBERTY COUNTY, TX (KTRK) -- A boat ride is the way to get to some residents in Liberty County.

Business owner Harold Dickerson is flooded in, he said, "I was going around and it got too deep so I stay at the house."

He's cut off by the water. The past few days he's been cutting wood for his business for barbecue but he can't get it or sell it to anyone.

Neighboring rancher Felicia Worthy showed us the high water along County Road 133. She's boating to get Christmas presents out to family. They are packed in a cooler.

She said, "That keeps them dry. It's not deep, deep, too deep to drive through obviously."

Once she meets her friend at the point where water meets a dry road they exchange the gifts for supplies. Worthy has a chest of ice and some groceries for the return trip. It's about a two mile boat ride to make the exchange.

She said, "The days we get supplies we know we aren't going to do a whole lot else."

The high water they are experiencing for the third time this year along the Trinity River can take weeks to reach them from the Dallas area. While the water is receding now if more rain comes between now and Christmas Worthy isn't sure what the situation might be.

Harold Dickerson can see the water line in his front yard now, he's hoping that's a good sing.

Dickerson said, "They claim it's falling but it's slow."

He's anxious to be able to get out and get his customers back.

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