Man loses 44 pounds after only drinking beer for Lent

CINCINNATI, Ohio (KTRK) -- A lot of people give up something for Lent like, say, beer. One man decided to go the other way.

Instead of giving up beer for Lent, the Army veteran decided to give up food and only drink craft beer for 46 days.

Del Hall lost 44 pounds on the unique diet.

He says he got the idea from an ancient tradition that dates back to monks in the 1600's.

Hall works for Fifty West Brewing Company and says he was constantly surrounded by food and beer at restaurants and events, but he didn't cheat.

Hall avoided getting drunk by spacing out his beers throughout the day.

Don't worry, a doctor monitored his health during the unique diet.

His first meal in over a month was guacamole. He still washed it down with a beer because after 46 days he still isn't sick of it.

Did someone say food?! Houston food lovers, unite!
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