Student pleads guilty to sharing teacher's nude photos

Friday, April 22, 2016
Teacher speaks out after student pleads guilty to sharing her nude photos
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Leigh Ann Arthur's life was turned upside down by a nude photo scandal

UNION COUNTY, SC -- A high school student has plead guilty to sharing nude photos of his teacher.

Leigh Anne Arthur was asked to resign after a student copied the nude photos from her phone. But, that's not all that happened.

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Arthur says the student then sent her nude images to other students at Union County High School in South Carolina.

The story split opinions in the community after the teacher resigned, but the student was not disciplined right away.

The 16-year-old student faced a judge and plead guilty to sharing Arthur's photos.

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"It's sad that it took the police to actually hold him accountable," Arthur says.

Arthur says she hopes she can now move forward with her life.

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