Lawsuit claims underage sexual activity occurred at local KFC known as "candy store"

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Did illegal underage sexual activity occur in a KFC Restaurant on FM 1960? Those are the blockbuster accusations made in a pair of lawsuits -- one filed in 2016 and one this year.

In the first lawsuit, a 16-year-old former employee said she was "recklessly sodomized, imprisoned, seduced, and repeatedly sexually assaulted" by a then 35-year-old manager named Sean McIntosh, who no longer works at the KFC.

"We allege these acts occurred inside the manager's office and on premises. We allege they occurred at the dumpster, we allege they occurred in vehicles and surrounding business," said George Edwards, the attorney for the young woman.

In a second lawsuit filed this year, another 16-year-old KFC worker alleges a different coworker tried to rape her and KFC's management, including McIntosh, didn't help her.

"KFC employs many many children, they are a huge employer of children, and they should have done something about this," said attorney Allen Zwernemann. "And if they didn't, they should have been paying attention."

In the second lawsuit, Zwernemann alleged the particular KFC was sometimes called the "candy store" for hiring young women and creating a "sexual culture."

In court documents for the first case, the former manager's attorney said he "denies each and every, singular and all of the allegations contained in plaintiff's original petition."

KFC's corporate attorney also responded in a similar manner saying they, "generally deny all of the material allegations contained in the original petition."

Neither KFC nor McIntosh has yet filed responses to the second lawsuit.

When reached on the phone, the attorneys representing them did not wish to comment.

Both cases are being investigated by police, but so far no criminal charges have been filed.

The civil attorneys said they will proceed with their lawsuits.

"We are asking for justice and the only thing we can get for justice is money in our civil court system," said Zwernermann.

Both civil attorneys are asking for somewhere between $5 and $10 million for their clients.

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