River Oaks community reacts after Lamar HS student shot to death near campus

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As police continue to investigate the deadly shooting of an 18-year-old Lamar High School student, the River Oaks community is searching for answers.

People who live and work in the affluent Houston neighborhood are saying they can't believe something like this happened.

"It's awful. It's terrible," says Alchemia owner Jennifer Grigsby. "People were calling and texting and checking in. One of my friends asked if I was okay, and it scared me."

Grisby told Eyewitness News that one of her employees, who's a student at Lamar High School, had been in contact with her while the campus was on lockdown.

Rosennate Navarro says she was helping a client when she spotted the police cars.

"I had another client in my store, and she was like 'Are your doors locked? There's been a shooting across the street from you.'"

Navarro said she immediately locked her doors and watched what was happened from afar.

"It's scary. Like, it's so close, and with the high school near us and a fabulous area. It's all very scary to be so close," Navarro said.

Community members told Eyewitness News that they were hopeful police would catch the three shooting suspects.

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