Fort Bend ISD teacher removed after desk flipping incident

MISSOURI CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A verbal exchange at Lake Olympia Middle School between a sixth grade girl and her teacher escalated Tuesday morning. Moments later, a school desk was "flipped over," according to Fort Bend ISD officials.

"A staff member was removed from the classroom after the incident," said a spokesperson. A parent later confirmed that it was a teacher.

According to the parent, whose child was in the same first period class, the incident happened in full view of the students. The school person said the investigation involves "a number of witnesses."

The teacher is believed to have been with the district for a number of years. In an email to administrators, one parent complained that he still "had no idea as to what actually took place or if my daughter was in some danger during the incident." He said he received a text about the alleged altercation Tuesday afternoon after school ended for the day.

The removal of the teacher is standard procedure whenever an investigation is launched and is not an indication of guilt. She will remain out of the classroom until the probe is complete.

Other parents were unaware of the incident Wednesday afternoon when they arrived to pick up their kids.

"We should all be notified even if it's not in our child's class," said Belinda Davis.

"There should be zero tolerance for the student and zero tolerance for the teacher as well. We need to respect one another," said parent Stephanie Washington.

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