Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School continue Christmas decoration tradition at Ninfa's

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Harrisburg Drive on East End is where two of the most iconic landmarks in Houston are located; Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and the Original Ninfa's Mexican restaurant.

Both are within walking distance from each other and share a strong community connection every holiday season.

Fourth grade students from Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School decorated the Christmas tree at the restaurant on Navigation, hanging handmade angels and wreaths, with Mary and baby Jesus ornaments.

"It's been a blessing to work with Ninfa's the past 20 years, we have been working with them and organizing this Christmas project. Over the years they've embraced our students and our school community," says Principal Irazema Ortiz.

The school and restaurant teamwork has been a tradition for more than a decade. Ninfa's is a longtime community partner, donating food at times for school events.

While Christmas decorations are traditionally red, green and silver, the Lady of Guadalupe student stayed away from the common colors in order to teach other about diversity.

"I really wanted to create a vision of what Houstonians are. Houstonians are multicultural, we truly are a multicultural city. A city made of many beautiful colors," says art instructor Diana Muniz.

The students who had the privilege of decorating the restaurants had the time of their lives in which they grew closer as classmates.

"We got to meet new people and use our skills. If you speak Spanish or you don't, it doesn't matter what culture you are. What matters is who you are," says fourth grader Fabian Hernandez.
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