Hospitals are recruiting more nurses as COVID-19 cases increase

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Hospitals are already stretched thin with treating COVID-19 patients and distributing vaccines, but now they have another problem: a shortage in nurses.

That's why local staffing companies are ramping up recruitment to help out.

Christina Cornealius, the owner of CBC Medical Staffing in Houston, told ABC13 the agency has been providing nurses, frontline healthcare workers and support staff for temporary assignment and full-time placement since the pandemic began.

"Across the country, and right here in Harris County, COVID-19 cases are hitting record levels, and it is stretching the healthcare system to the brink," she said.

She also says the job of a nurse looks different now.

"Not only are we dealing with just a shortage of healthcare professionals in the hospital, but we're trying to be on top of getting those vaccinations in the community, so a lot of those nurses who normally work in the hospitals are finding themselves going out into the community to ensure that everyone can get vaccinated," she explained.

Cornealius said hospitals are upping the pay, doing heavy recruiting out of state and even going after retired nurses.

With surges in virus cases and hospital admissions continuing, demands for staff will continue to grow, she added.
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