Be transported to Mexico at La Casita Taqueria & Refresqueria

CROSBY, Texas (KTRK) -- At La Casita Taqueria & Refresqueria, traditional Mexican food collides with unique and tasty treats.

The restaurant started in 2014 when Genesis Abrego, her mother and her brother opened up a small food stand to provide authentic Mexican food, particularly from their hometown of Monterrey, to the masses.

"I didn't know anything, anything," expressed Abrego. "I was throwing myself to the wolves, honestly."

Due to its popularity, the food stand quickly grew into a restaurant, which now sits off the corner of Main Street and Redland Avenue.

Featured on the menu are a few specialty items that include Abrego's mom's menudo and some over-the-top drink creations, such as a mangonada and a michelada supreme.

Each creation is piled high with everything from shrimp to seasoned nuts to Mexican candy. One drink is even served up in a clay jar, which Abrego purchases and brings back all the way from Mexico. The best part is that customers get to keep the mug.

"People come from Pearland, they come from Galveston and San Antonio sometimes to come visit us," said Abrego.

The eatery's popularity continues to flourish with the help of social media.

According to Abrego, groups of people flock to their restaurant asking for what they saw posted on Instagram.

"Everyone usually tells us that they feel they are back in Mexico," explained Abrego.

"It brings them back memories from their childhood or stuff like that. It's cool, it's nice to hear that, you know?"

For more information on La Casita Taqueria & Refresqueria, visit their website here.

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