Girl plays freshman football after impressing Klein Oak HS head coach

Thursday, September 10, 2015
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Freshman football player impresses and inspires her teammates on the field at Klein Oak High School.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Everyone at Klein Oak High School knows Brianna Jones, and her many talents. The 14-year-old not only sings in the choir, she also plays freshmen level football.

Her passion for the game started at a very young age. She has an older brother who played, and they played rough together. She loved the physicality of the sport.

"It's the aggression," said Jones. "I love being able to hit and tackle."

She played in middle school and then considered it when she arrived at Klein Oak.

"I need to be on the field. I miss the rush, so I called Coach Smith," said Jones.

David Smith, Klein Oak Head Coach, was blown away with her attitude. "Her demeanor. The way she talked," said Smith. "She said the right things, like a boy who was serious. She won me over."

Brianna isn't sure how long she'll play, but she is going to keep at it. "This might be my last year. But that is OK," said Smith. "If I make it to JV, then I am going for it."