Teacher becomes first woman to serve as superintendent in Klein ISD

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- This year, Klein ISD has a new superintendent, who is the first woman to ever lead the district.

Dr. Jenny McGown has served in the district for 17 years, starting as a teacher.

"I've physically left the classroom, but I've never left it emotionally because I think that place is where all the magic happens for students," Dr. McGown said.

She says teaching is at the heart of every decision she makes as the leader of the school system.

Plus, she has a focus group at home: her family is part of her Klein family.

"As our children are growing and developing in our system, I also get to experience Klein ISD as a parent, and so I get to see the things that all of our parents see, all of our families are seeing as they try to help their students ultimately exit with a purpose," Dr. McGown explained.

Even though Dr. McGown has served the district her entire career, for the next few months, she's keeping an open mind and not making any assumptions.

"I'm asking lots of questions. I'm doing lots of listening. I'm doing lots of learning," she said.

She'll use that information to build on the success of the district and on the strengths of each student.

"When we get up every single day, we have the opportunity to engage with young hearts, young minds, really the future of our nation, the future of our community, and we get the opportunity to impact them not only academically but in their character, so that's what gets me excited," Dr. McGown said.

Some of Dr. McGown's accomplishments include helping develop a path for students to earning advanced nursing degrees before graduation and creating "KleinTalks", an opportunity for students to take the stage and speak about their passions.


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