Alabama community finds KKK flyers with candy in front yards

TUSCALOOA COUNTY, AL (KTRK) -- A community is left with a sour feeling after they found Ku Klux Klan flyers scattered across neighborhoods. The flyers were placed in Ziploc bags with a peppermint candy attached, according to ABC affiliate WBMA-TV.

The Lake View Police Department posted about the literature on their Facebook page, stating "A well-known 'hate group' has disseminated literature throughout our community." People who live in the town are stunned about the flyers and confused about the candy.

"Why would they put a piece of peppermint candy in here? There's no sweetness involved in this group," Charley Buckland said. "This is a very sad, sad situation when you find these in your yards. It's very disheartening."

WBMA-TV called the number listed on the flyer. It led to a voicemail recording encouraging recruits to leave their contact information.

Lake View police have turned this case over to the FBI. They are also warning the community and are encouraging people to be vigilant.
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