Houston family rescues kitten stuck in bedroom wall

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Guerrero/Griffin family added a little furry, four-legged friend to their family over the weekend after they rescued a kitten stuck in the wall of their west Houston apartment.

They say they are a dog family and "Little Momma" has been the queen around their home. But sometimes life's surprises become the biggest blessings.

A few days ago "Little Momma" became restless and started barking at the wall.

Alexis Guerrero said, "She would not stop growling so I said, 'What? Show mommy.' But she wasn't looking at the front door, she was looking this way."

Her husband Alfred Griffin said, "She followed me in and went straight to the wall and was like, mmm get it out."

As the family listened closely they heard a momma cat and kittens and thought she was just keeping them safe. As time went on they didn't hear the mother anymore, only a faint cry.

"It was hard for her to get out so she had to leave her baby. So you can imagine how she felt about that," said Guerrero.

Facebook video tells the rest of their story. As the cries grew more desperate, they decided to cut a hole in the wall.

Guerrero said, "Babe, there's a cat stuck in the wall!"

Her husband said, "I was like, it's time to go in there and get it."

Reaching down through nails to see where the cries were coming from, Griffin said, "I was perplexed even wondering how the cat got down there. There's a maze of nails sticking out of the wall."

They captured the rescue on camera to show how a tiny gray kitten was saved. Their grandson named her "Angel", he says because angels never die.

"This is Angel, the winner from the wall," said Griffin.

Now "Little Momma" has a new friend and a family for life.

"I wasn't a cat person before but I guess I'll have to adjust. And we will, right, Angel?" said Griffin.

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