Kinkaid High School student learns how to balance football, wrestling and choir

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Ameer Mustafa is a man of many talents.

A senior at Kinkaid High School, Mustafa plays football, wrestles and sings in the school choir.

Mustafa was a late bloomer in all three disciplines, but he quickly discovered a passion for them all and learned how to balance a busy extracurricular life.

"You know wrestling and football practice, I'm beat up, tired and in pain," Mustafa said. "Then I come to the choir room and it kinda just melts away."

Mustafa is known around campus for being kind-hearted, and what you see is what you get.

"He's very passionate about music, sports and arts. He doesn't have any artifices," said Kinkaid choir instructor Chip Colvin. "He's a 'what you see, what you get' type of guy, but that's good because what you see and what you get is truly a genuine loving man."

Mustafa will leave a big gap on Kinkaid Falcons head coach Nathan Larned's defense. Not only for the plays he makes, but for the way he inspires his teammates.

"He makes my job easy," said Larned. "He's a guy who has matured into an amazing leader that plays with passion, works really hard and wants to pull in people with him. That simplifies my job."
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