Kingwood neighbors raise $28K for sixth grader hit by car

KINGWOOD, TX (KTRK) -- Neighbors in Kingwood are raising money for the medical expenses of an 11 year old who was hit by a car while riding his bike in April.

Kingwood Middle School sixth grader Duc Le Tran is still hospitalized, but is slowly starting to move his fingers and toes.

"They have a very hard time," said his aunt, Mong Tham Tran.

The family just moved to Kingwood from Vietnam last year.

They own a nail salon, but just went back to work after COVID19 concerns shut down the salon for months.

And extended medical care is expensive.

So, their neighbors got organized.

Within a month, they collected more than $28,000 with more than 650 donations.

"It's inspirational," said organizer Audra Blakley. "When everyone is at a time where things are uncertain, that they still give."

"Our goal is when he comes home from the hospital, most of these people that are local want to line the streets and give him a hero's welcome home," said organizer Kelly Sloan-Lofton. "He's only 11, he's scared, he's in the hospital."

For more information on Tran's medical progress and how you can get involved, go here:
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