Woman becomes consecrated virgin in rare ceremony

LEMOORE, CA -- A Lemoore woman is making history as the first consecrated virgin in the Central Valley.

Among a large crowd, Victoria Lynn Selkirk stands out in white.

"I am just full of joy today," she said. "It's the pinnacle of my joy and my dreams and the hard work of many people invested in me that I am just filled with gratitude and appreciation for that."

Selkirk is becoming a 'Bride of Christ' on Sunday, committing to a life of celibacy.

"I was raised in a devout Catholic household that definitely taught me the ethos that I embody today in terms of respect for my body. And respect for others of course," said Selkirk.

She's the only person to become a consecrated virgin by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno.

Unlike a nun, she will continue her job as a registered dietician while practicing a life of chastity.

Therese Ivers is also a consecrated virgin who flew in from Rome in a show of support.

"I think the hardest part is also the most beautiful part," Ivers said. "Which is maintaining focus. Again keeping up that communication and prayer."

Ivers says there are an estimated 300 consecrated virgins in the U.S.

An exclusive group that Selkirk and her family say they're proud to represent.

"To do this vocation is just so glorious, and, like I said, we're just so proud of her," said Joanne, Selkirk's mother.
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