Killer heads to prison reportedly with tooth ladened necklace made with victim's teeth

CORNWALL, England -- Police say Dean Lowe will spend at least 28 years in prison for allegedly killing his girlfriend and reportedly making a necklace with her teeth. Kirby Noden was murdered in Cornwall, England in January 2017.

Devon & Cornwall Police say the victim's family contacted them after receiving disturbing messages from Lowe on social media. Investigators say Lowe initially lied about killing Noden before finally admitting to the graphic details.

According to prosecutors, Lowe contacted his family in Cheshire to say there had been a body on the floor which he had cut up and put into bins. Lowe confessed he made a necklace of Noden's teeth, according to Sky News.

"Lowe had continued to live in the flat for four months after killing Miss Noden at the property," said prosecutor Paul Dunkels.

Lowe has been sentenced to life imprisonment to serve a minimum of 28 years.
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