Hero family rescues 4 kids lost in the woods

HOMOSOSSA, Florida (KTRK) -- A group of children who got lost in the woods were found cold, wet and scared. And it was thanks to a family that the children avoided spending the night in freezing cold weather.

Four kids were camping with their families at the Chazawiska campgrounds in Citrus County when they disappeared.

Law enforcement was called out around 3 p.m. to begin searching for them.

That's when the Olson family sprung into action.

"My girlfriend wanted to go look for them, so we ended up going out and looking for them," Michael Olson told Spectrum Bay News 9.

Michael called his dad and they all went to the campgrounds. When they saw no law enforcement boats on scene, they decided to head onto the water themselves.

"We got there and we were going to start pulling the boat through the shallow water," said Robert Olson, Michael's father. "As soon as we shut the engine off the kids started yelling for us."

Wet, scared and cold, the kids jumped into their boat where they took them back to shore to be reunited with their families.

Three of the kids did have hypothermia and the Olsons told Spectrum News 9 they're just glad they found them before it got any worse.

"They would have gotten cold. It got cold last night. It could have been worse," Michael added.

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