Police say this man tried to kidnap 8-year-old girl

WEBSTER, TX (KTRK) -- A mother tells Eyewitness News she believes angels were looking out for her daughter when a man tried to kidnap her at gunpoint.

It happened Thurday, Nov. 4, in the 500 block of South Austin in Webster. The community is coming together and they believe they saw the man a month before the incident.

"He ruined her life. He ruined where she lived. She doesn't feel safe in her own home anymore," said Shun Jones, the child's godmmother.

Police said the child left a nearby playground looking for a friend when she made her way to a dumpster behind the complex.

"(She said) he just came and grabbed her by the hand and punched her in stomach really hard," said Jones.

Police said the man pulled out a gun and told her not to scream.

"I cried. She's my sunshine," said the girl's mom.

The mother said it scares her to think how close the man was to taking her little girl.

"Angels were watching over here," said the mom.

Police say it was flashing lights from an ambulance that startled the man and the young girl ran away.

"She came to us she could barely breathe kept gasping for air," said Jones.

The young girl was able to give Webster police a good description. They put together a composite sketch of a Hispanic man with a scar on his right cheek and a skull tattoo on the right side of his neck.

"Its depressing that there are creeps out there that think they can get away with this," said the upset mom.

"He was able to sit here to wait for the right time to snatch the right child," said the Godmother.

The girls mom and Godmother took it upon themselves to alert the entire community since the complex sits blocks away from a school.

"She could have been gone and that's what scares us so much," said the Godmother.
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