Kidnapped woman found naked and stabbed on Georgia roadside

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Police say a surveillance camera caught the moment Derwin Johnson allegedly dragged the woman away from her motel room. (KTRK)

A woman found herself coming to the aid of a naked kidnapping victim in Georgia when she decided to take a different way home from work.

Carla Harris describes the frantic moment she came across the woman, who police say had been abducted from a Budget Inn, leaving her 1-year-old baby all alone inside a motel room.

"She did not know where she was at, she had no clue where she was when she came out of woods, no clothes on," Harris told WSB-TV.

Harris said she was driving when the victim stumbled out of the woods. The woman was naked, but that's not all.

"She said he knocked her teeth out, he stabbed in her head, she had stab wounds and bite marks all over her," Harris said.

Police say 23-year-old Derwin Johnson, who knows the victim, was allegedly caught dragging the mom from her room on surveillance camera, leaving the baby girl without supervision.

Johnson was arrested last week. The victim's mother, Rasana Dubose, said she was glad he was caught, because he treated her daughter "like a punching bag."

"She opened the door and she saw him. She tried to close the door, and he pushed his way in the room," Dubose said. "He put a knife to her neck and told her if she moved he was going to end her life right there."

Dubose said her daughter is out of the hospital, but has injuries so severe she cannot return to work. Her baby was not harmed.
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