See husband's sweet way of supporting wife during chemo amid COVID-19 restrictions

SUGAR LAND, TX (KTRK) -- The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much of our daily lives over the last few weeks, but during the most difficult times, it's still easy to find hope.

Kelly and Albert Conner have been together for every one of Kelly's chemotherapy appointments at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Sugar Land. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in January.

But when hospital restrictions prevented Albert from being there with Kelly this week, he decided to show his support for his wife in a unique way.

"Bert wanted to be there for me, even though he couldn't be in the room," said Kelly. "So he decided to drive up and park outside the window of my treatment room. He had a sign made up so that he could share the support that he was giving me."

Her husband's sign read 'I can't be here with you, but I'm here.'

"I just had so much love for him in that moment, to know that he would do whatever it took to stand by my side through everything," said Kelly. "It was very emotional. My nurse was in my room when I happened to see him and we both teared up. I could hear all the other nurses. They started gathering at all the windows in the building so that they could see."

"It's hard to explain because you don't know what a person with cancer is going through, even as a spouse," said Albert. "The only thing you can do is support her."

"I was just proud that I had a husband like that in my corner," said Kelly. "I spoke to somebody at MD Anderson and she said, we hope this will encourage people to come up with creative ideas to support their families through the hard times. So hopefully that's what this does."
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