Katy students accused of using fake cash to cheat businesses

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A constable in Fort Bend County said he's concerned after fake dollar bills were found at a Katy ISD school. (KTRK)

Deputies in Katy have a warning for parents, they say to check out what's in your child's wallet.

They tell us thousands of dollars in fake cash was found being used at local businesses, by students.

Fort Bend Co. Pct. 3 Constable deputies were alerted to the problem while doing a walk-through at Tompkins High School.

"It was successfully passed as real money at several locations," said Constable Wayne Thompson.

The constable says students were using this phony currency around town.

"In total it was several thousand dollars that was used. It happened at more than one place and on more than one occasion."

Eyewitness News showed the pictures of the pseudo cash to Desiree Davidson, a bar tender at local restaurant.

"They're pretty good. They've got the in-lays, they've got the different coloring, they've got the shadows and all of that, that's kind of scary," she said of the fakes.

One of the biggest red flags on the funny money is the phrase "motion picture use only" written where "The United States of America" should be printed.

Police say students were trying to pass this off at local businesses.

"I've had it happen before and about $60 worth of my income, which might have been half for that day is fake basically, that sucks," said Davidson.

Finding this pseudo currency is easy.

A number of retailers sell it online as prop money.

Because it's not counterfeit it's not a crime to own it, but it is a crime to try and spend it.

"It's somebody's income, it's somebody's children's food in their mouths, the clothes on their back," said Davidson.

She now uses special markers to detect fake bills and will continue to look closer at cash sales.

Katy ISD declined to speak with us about the discovery, and it's unclear if any students are facing charges.
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