Katy ISD board meeting attendees voice concerns about superintendent's bullying allegations

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- "We pay your salary Mr. Hindt, and an extremely healthy salary that you no longer deserve. Thanks to you, our A+ reputation has forever been tarnished."

That's what one Katy ISD mother had to say at Monday night's meeting addressing the bullying allegations against Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt from his teenage years.

"There appears to be an overall allegiance to protect the reputation of Katy ISD over the welfare of the students," another opponent said.

Sean Dolan took to the mic too.

"I have tried for two months to get a response from the people behind me," Dolan said.

Police took the microphone away, because Dolan wouldn't face and address the board.

Greg Gay, the man who came forth weeks ago accusing Superintendent Hindt of shoving his head in the toilet in junior high, was also in attendance.

"I didn't come here to attack Lance. I came here to shed light on a very dark subject. I don't want this man fired. He's the perfect one to fix it," Gay said.

Dozens of supporters of the superintendent gathered outside district headquarters, forming a circle of support, and praying for Hindt.

"It doesn't matter if you're five years old or 105 years old. It hurts when people continue to blame you for things that are not true. We wanted to form a circle around Dr. Hindt to let him know we support him and his leadership," Debbie, a first grade teacher who organized the rally, said.

Chancy Glover asked Dr. Hindt about a 1983 lawsuit alleging he beat a man into a coma after a party.

"I've been advised not to comment on something that happened 35 years ago. I hope you can respect that," Dr. Hindt said.

The superintendent says he'd like to talk with Gay, his accuser.

"I hope at some point that we can sit down, and not in a big public form, and we can have a candid conversation," he said.

"This will be great that's the first I've heard of it," Gay said.
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