Widow at odds with Katy neighborhood HOA over bright blue door

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Janice Lawson was married for 47 years to the love of her life.

"They were all beautiful memories. It was a special life that we had," she said.

Her husband's health started declining and their home became too much to maintain.

"He had two or three heart operations, and after the last one, he said, 'Darling, let's go get us an itty-bitty house,'" said Lawson.

So 20 years ago, they moved to a cozy home in Katy.

Five years later, her husband died.

Recently, Janice decided to make a change to the home that had so many memories.

"I don't like walking into a recessed entry that's dark. I painted the front of the door blue. It's light and bright and airy and happy," said Lawson.

The colorful door makes Lawson smile, but at first, the door was frowned upon by her homeowner association.

The organization sent her two letters, calling the color change an "unapproved modification."

Janice is appealing.

She said she wanted a change and painted the door without the HOA's permission.

We've reached out to the HOA, which told us it is working with Lawson. The organization directed us to its attorney, who hasn't responded to request for comment.

"I need every little bright sunshine I can have to get through the rest of my life by myself, and if that makes me happy, why should I give it up?" said Lawson.

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