Attorney: Schools need to address issues to protect transgender students' rights

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Attorney John Nechman works at the forefront of transgender issues. Most recently, he supported Houston's HERO ordinance. He believes the questions raised at the Children's Lighthouse Learning Centers on Clay Road in Katy, where two employees say they were fired for refusing to recognize a six-year-old as transgender, are just beginning to emerge.

"It really is a much more common scenario than I think most people realize," said Nechman.

Corporate offices for the daycare would not comment on the daycare's policies, but more and more, Nechman says schools realize the need to address the issue.

"HISD realizing how many schools around the country have been sued and had to cough up enormous damages because of their failure to provide protections and a safe environment for all students, came to the understanding that they needed to pass internal ordinances," said Nechman.

Nechman says the law must hash out when one individual's rights, in this case related to gender identity, may have to trump another's religious rights.

"It's unacceptable based on my religion, well, that's where we have to really re-look at religion plays a priority in those critical decisions, especially in schools," said Nechman.
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