Heart surgeon celebrates birthday with blood-pumping heart cake

VICTOR, NY -- A New York heart surgeon celebrated his birthday with a heart unlike any of those he's operated on throughout his career: one made almost entirely of cake yet still able to pump blood.

The anatomically correct cake was designed by Katherine Dey of Deviant Desserts, who crafted an aorta, pulmonary arteries and other features out of modeling chocolate so that the cake creation would impress the seasoned heart surgeon.

The red velvet cake was also loaded with a series of tubes that pumped boiled-berry "blood" in the style of an actual human heart.

It took a total of four days to build the heart, Dey said: two days to design the pump and armature and an additional two days to bake, sculpt and paint the heart.

Judging by the heart surgeon's reaction, Dey's days of work paid off.

"This is amazing! Look at it go! It's pumping!" the surgeon said upon seeing the cake, which was commissioned by his coworkers.

"The patient is going to survive!" he enthusiastically added when the heart began to pump its faux blood.

The heart cake is the latest in a string of anatomically inspired cakes from Deviant Deserts: they've also made brain cakes, eyeballs and even a placenta cake.

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