Infrastructure plan is something on minds of some Montgomery Co. voters ahead of March primary

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- A big race on the ballot for Montgomery County voters is the county judge race as incumbent Judge Mark Keough is facing two opponents in the March primary.

"What I've heard is there are a few people that aren't happy with our current county judge, and I am afraid he is not going to get their vote. He did get my vote," said Mark Gerding.

Keough considers his first term as county judge a success, despite being convicted of a DWI and facing some criticism for how he handled COVID-19.

"Our homeland security emergency management, which I'm over, navigated us through Imelda. We have managed very well through all of this pandemic nonsense. Of course, the ice storm and many other things that just come up in daily business we've done very, very well" said Keough.

Going up against Keough are Billy Graff, the founder of a disaster relief nonprofit, and Sara Countryman, the current mayor of the city of Montgomery. Both said they will be more fiscally responsible and transparent.

"We need to be more open with our fiscal situations. We need to communicate with our taxpayers because they need to know where their money is being spent. We need to eliminate wasteful spending," said Graff.

"Transparency and accountability. We are lacking those currently right now and to me, telling the truth should be free and easy," said Countryman.

To match the growing population, an infrastructure plan is something on the mind of some Montgomery County voters.

"We don't need someone who just wants to talk about it, we need someone who will actually go and do something about it, specifically the traffic and the growth of this county," said Ingram Lee, a Montgomery County voter.

Graff and Countryman said they have what it takes to get a plan in place. Keough said there is momentum on that front that he would like to continue with.

"The infrastructure issue having to do with roads and bridges is essential with this kind of growth and we're on it," said Keough.

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