Day after Buttigieg bows out, Biden says he wants mayor 'on his team'

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president, Joe Biden, traveled to Houston and Dallas on Monday, campaigning before the Super Tuesday vote.

Biden appealed to minority voters during a rally at Texas Southern University, telling them their vote is the momentum that has been keeping his campaign alive.

ABC13's Tom Abrahams got the opportunity to speak with Biden after the event.

When asked about Sen. Amy Klobuchar ending her campaign earlier in the day and supporting Biden, he seemed surprised but happy to have her endorsement.

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"I'm unaware of that. I've not spoken to her," Biden said. "In one sense, it would be sad for her to dropout, she's a real talent. But, it would mean a lot. She's a qualified, very talented person."

Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg both formally gave their endorsement in front of separate crowds of cheering supporters in Dallas.

Biden had similar things to say about Buttigieg, who ended his campaign Sunday night.

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"I called Pete when I heard he was suspending his campaign to tell him I hope that suspension didn't mean he was suspending his activities," Biden said. "I did say to, 'Be aware that if I were to win the nomination, I'm coming for you to ask you to be part of putting this country back together.' He's an enormous talent."

Biden said when it comes to Super Tuesday, he had to do well, but doesn't expect to win in every state.

He said his campaign is feeling an increase in momentum after raising up to $27 million just in the last month, indicating a boost in support.

When asked if his campaign is now about beating Bernie Sanders or still about beating Pres. Donald Trump, Biden emphasized it's still about getting Trump out of the White House.

"It's about who can best beat Donald Trump," Biden emphasized. "We not only have to beat Donald Trump, we have to maintain and keep hold of the House of Representatives and we have to deal with winning back the United States Senate, which we can do."

He said it's all about delivering on campaign promises. Biden told Abrahams he doesn't believe Sanders would be able to deliver on his "$35 trillion bill for universal health care, Medicare for all."

Biden says as the race narrows, he believes Sanders' voting history will be called into question the way his has been since the beginning of his campaign.

"Every vote I've ever cast for the last four years is under scrutiny, which is legitimate," Biden said.

When it comes to Tuesday's vote, he's remaining calm and keeping his spirits high.

"I feel good about the momentum, I feel good about where it's going, but we'll see."

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