JJ Watt sorry for knocking down boy's lollipop

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (KTRK) -- Some say big boys don't cry, but when JJ Watt throws you a football and knocks down your lollipop, that may strike up a few tears.

New Orleans Saints punter Thomas Morstead took to Twitter Tuesday and shared a heartwarming story from the game against the Texans on Monday.

He says JJ Watt made his son cry, but no need to worry, the father was absolutely delighted.

"JJ Watt has a pregame ritual of going all around the stadium playing catch with kids," wrote Morstead in a tweet. "Last night, he threw a ball to Beckett and knocked the lollipop out. Bottom line, JJ made my kid cry."

Morstead continued saying as quickly as his son's crying began, it immediately stopped.

"JJ was nice enough to give his gloves to Beckett. Thanks for making an awesome memory for my boys," he wrote.

The Texans star replied to the dad's tweet with his sincerest apologies saying, "Oh man I had no idea that was your son, I felt so bad when I saw the ball hit that lollipop. I'm glad it all ended up alright. Sorry about that!"

One fan replied to the exchange and called Watt, "a class act."

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