J.J. Watt impressed by young fan's Watt-themed birthday cake

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A little boy is getting the birthday of his dreams after J.J. Watt saw a photo of his birthday cake on Twitter.

Aaron's father posted a photo of his Watt-themed cake, saying his son could have picked any cartoon character or superhero for his cake, but chose the star Texans player instead.

Watt responded to the photos saying he is "truly honored Aaron chose [him] over every cartoon character and superhero in the world," adding a light-hearted jab at Marvel Comics.

Watt asked Aaron's father to direct message him their address so he can "send him a b-day package fit for a superhero."

Watt continued the thread, saying he hopes Marvel has a sense of humor, otherwise "this could absolutely tank my future plans of being an actual superhero in one of their movies."

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