PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR! Morphe Cosmetics opens new store at Galleria Mall with special appearance by Jeffree Star

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Morphe Cosmetics has created another home in the Galleria Mall and received a big Texas welcome during the store's grand opening Saturday.

The meet and greet and ribbon cutting ceremony, featuring YouTube sensation and makeup artist Jeffree Star, was packed with fans and consumers ready to purchase their products for a fresh face beat.

Star, who is known for formerly being the most followed person on MySpace, was surprised by the turnout.

"To see this turnout for Morphe and Jeffree Star Cosmetics is just unreal," Star said. "I think makeup nowadays is just for everyone. Its so inclusive, and so many people are enjoying it and accepting it, so it's a beautiful time."

When discussing the growing numbers of men who are now in makeup, Star is pleased.

"There's a lot of men in makeup, which I love... Ten years ago, it wasn't the case," the makeup mogul said. "I felt very alone, and now they're so many guys in beauty just having fun, you know what I mean? It doesn't have to mean anything but just art and makeup, you know, just being artistic."

Star also has some "day-one" advice for his followers and anyone watching: "Be your authentic self. Don't let anyone deter you from really just genuinely being you."

Morphe Cosmetics specializes in makeup brushes, brush sets, eye shadow palettes and more.

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