Man wants to thank good Samaritans who saved him from accident

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Before May, Jason Beaty said he wasn't one to pray.

"I can't explain it," he said. "I would have never said that prior to the accident."

Now, as he sits at home with his family given a second chance at life, all of that has all changed.

"I get to keep watching my kids grow up," he said.

This past summer, Beaty was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident on Highway 99 near West Road. He lost control and flew off his bike. Thankfully, good Samaritans were able to call 911. He was flown to Memorial Hermann just in time.

"I opened my eyes and my wife had my hand in her hands and she was crying," he said. "They were just telling me to fight (so) here I am."

Beaty has plated ribs, a lot of screws and there's a big possibility he may never use his left arm again.

"The medical staff at UT and Memorial Hermann were able to transfer a nerve from my left leg into my shoulder and bicep," he said.

Still he says he's a blessed man and now he and his wife want to find those good Samaritans.

"I think it would be neat for them that they witnessed and were part of a miracle," she said.

Something they are more than grateful for on this Thanksgiving week.

"I'm dying to meet you. I want to buy you dinner, tell you I lived and thank you very much," said Beaty.

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