James Harden backs up bold outfit choice with big night over Lakers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- We know James Harden isn't afraid to make a fashion statement, but when you score a 50-point triple-double and make NBA history, we think you're allowed to glide into the Toyota Center dressed however you like.

The Beard turned heads for his attire before the Rockets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 126-111 Thursday night.

The reigning MVP wore a matching snake skin print coat and shorts set, earning praise from some and raised eyebrows from others who had a lot of questions about what he was wearing.

But as we've seen before, Harden doesn't let anyone faze him when it comes to his style, whether it's before he hits the court or out and about at international fashion week events.

Harden has a penchant for bold prints and suiting.

Just look back at what he donned at the NBA Awards earlier this year in June.

He went with a tan overcoat and pants featuring big, bold flowers created custom by British designer Neil Barrett.

Some likened the outfit to a "cow" costume, mistaking the flowers for a cow's spots.

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But regardless of how some felt about the look, it obviously won't be stopping Harden from strutting his stuff anytime soon.

As Harden's stylist Kesha McLeod told ABC13, the man knows what he wants.

"He's very expressive in what he wears. I don't want to say he loves everything. He definitely knows what he wants and that kind of keeps me on my toes. That's one of the reasons I like working with him," McLeod said over the summer.

And about that history we mentioned a little earlier: Harden is one of six players in NBA history to score 50 in a triple-double.

Do you, James.

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