Dad documents amusing conversations with his four daughters in very funny Twitter feed

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Nothing is sacred in James Breakwell's house. From romance to the economy, Breakwell has been sharing his private conversations with his four sassy daughters under the age of five daily on Twitter and his openness has helped him soar to internet stardom.

You can read all of his material on his account,@XplodingUnicorn. He's been sharing his tweets for the past four years, and they're so ridiculously relatable that he now has 418,000 Twitter followers and counting.

"I think it connects with so many people because there's no such thing as a normal kid," said Breakwell. "Everybody's children are weird. I just took the time to sit down and point it out."

Blackwell, currently works in an office, but his ultimate goal is to become a full-time comedy writer.

"I've had a bunch of interesting opportunities crop up since people started noticing my Twitter account," said Breakwell. "It helps me generate income through ads and freelance writing gigs, which is why my wife puts up with the thousands of hours I've dumped into it."

Breakwell's daughters seem to have inherited his sense of humor and some of his followers have asked if all the tweets are authentic.

"Some of my tweets are real, some are exaggerated, and some are made up. Most are at least inspired by my kids," said Breakwell. "The majority of people are smart enough to understand that's how comedy works, but this is the Internet."

Breakwell's wife also shows up in his tweets.

"My wife is grudgingly tolerant of my Twitter addiction," said Breakwell. "She occasionally reads my tweets, usually by accident."

In addition to his tweets, Breakwell also creates web comics on his Facebook page.