#IssaLit: Why fans can't get enough of "Insecure"

HOUSTON -- HBO's hit show, "Insecure," showcases black women on television in a way we don't normally see them as bonded by their insecurities.

The authenticity reflected on screen has attracted people week after week, especially here in Houston where thousands of women are living a life similar to the cast. Houston is filled with women who would call themselves Issa, Molly, Tiffany or Kelli, so it only seemed fitting that HBO would bring part of the cast to H-Town to celebrate the debut of the second season.

Amanda Seales (Tiffany) Natasha Rothwell (Kelli) stopped by ABC13 to discuss why fans love the show.

"I think we're telling a story and those characters happen to be black," said Rothwell. "Your audience doesn't necessarily have to match what they are seeing, but they have to connect to it because we're telling truths and because we're telling these truths to people of color who haven't seen their truth told on TV and that's why I think it's resonating with the community so much."

Viewers have the opportunity to see the characters' good intentions and flaws, which are just like most of us. Seales admits the number one thing she hears from viewers is, "it's so real."

"The excitement of being able to see different images and different representations of black women on television is something that I think that resonates not only with women, or with black women, but with people who are interested in seeing different stories get told," said Seales. "Also, it's a millennial time frame, that early 30s 'what am I doing' and I feel like we don't really get to see that experience and seeing it from both the romantic side of Issa, but also the professional side...and getting to see that juxtaposition of personal and professional with the characters at that state of life is personally interesting."

Fans have been waiting a long time for the new season, but a select group of Houstonians were treated to an early screening on Wednesday night at White Oak Music Hall. So what can fans expect to see this season?

"Here's what I will say, Issa is hella out there and so we as an audience will be on that journey of what it means to be out there," said Rothwell.

"I think we also get to see our characters develop more. We see the writing develop more, we see the comedy develop more which I like to see. I think when people attach to a show, they attach to a world and that's what viewers get to see," said Seales.

The new season of "Insecure" debuts on July 23.