Rifles, pistols used to kill cartoon contest attackers

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Gunmen's families in shock over Garland shooting
Authorities identified the suspects who opened fire at a contest for cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad as Simpson and Nadir Soofi

GARLAND, TX -- An incident report says two gunmen who ambushed officers outside a provocative cartoon contest in Texas were killed by gunfire from officers' pistols and three Colt M4 Commando assault rifles.

The report was released Tuesday to The Associated Press.

A Garland policeman was standing with security guard Bruce Joiner just before the contest ended on May 3 when two men got out of a car and opened fire, shooting Joiner in the ankle.

The policeman fired back with his Glock duty pistol, causing Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi to fall down. The report says that four nearby SWAT officers then used the assault weapons and a Glock pistol, firing "shots at one of the armed subjects who was still moving his arms around."

The officers' names have not been released.