Deputies investigate after man on Facebook claims Cypress gas station has 2-way mirror in bathroom

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Deputies say allegations of a two-way mirror in a Cypress gas station bathroom are false. (KTRK)

Deputies say allegations of a two-way mirror in a Cypress gas station bathroom are false.

A man posted on Facebook this week falsely claiming the bathroom had a two-way mirror inside, allowing employees to watch customers.

"He's probably seen a lot of movies or something and he's just making up stuff," a gas station employee said.

On Tuesday, the Harris County Sheriff's Office said it examined the mirror with the station's owner and determined it is not a two-way mirror.

The man who created the viral post went on to say that because he didn't see a gap between his finger and the reflection, that meant the mirror could allow someone on the other side to see inside the bathroom.

Employees at Telge Express learned about the post when a deputy came in asking to check out their bathroom. Investigators quickly learned the allegations were wrong and the mirrors were of the ordinary variety.

The sheriff's office even called the allegation false in a tweet to help counter the inaccurate post, which has been shared more than 6,000 times.

Experts said the so-called fingernail test for two-way mirrors isn't always accurate. You'd have better luck tapping on the glass and listening for a hollow sound, or turning out the lights and checking for someone staring back at you from the other side, they said.

In any case, the employees at Telge Express just want everyone who read the false post to know they're not trying to watch customers in the bathroom.

After an alarming allegation on Facebook, deputies say they inspected a mirror at a Cypress gas station.

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