Why those Instagram-worthy foods on your timeline could ruin your diet

Social media helps build the menu for all kinds of fun foods from Facebook's fast recipes to Instagram's drool-worthy photos.

But are these foodie fads convincing us to sample and stray away from our diets?

From the Unicorn Frappuccino to the Ramen Burger, Gemarla Babilonia-Gaskin is willing to try all the funky foods that pop up on her social media timeline, even the Grilled Cheese Donut.

"It was once and it was amazing," Babilonia-Gaskin said.

But Houston registered nutrition specialists Lauren Austin and Amy Noack say you can avoid giving into the foodie fads by being prepared for the day.

"Bring healthy foods. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast, a balanced lunch with balanced carbohydrates that make you feel satisfied throughout the meal," Noack said.

While some of the food trends we're seeing clearly aren't claiming to be healthy, others appear to be. But these accounts are cutting out entire food groups.

Austin and Noack encourage following influencers and hashtags on social media that give meal prep tips, so you can plan ahead, and accounts that share options pairing good-for-you-foods you never thought about.

One hashtag is #dietitianapproved.

Noack also suggests keeping nuts and fruit at your desk to snack on when you do get a craving for something sweet.

"The sugar and the fat from the nuts and fruit should satisfy your cravings, and maybe with a little bit of coconut flakes or something," Noack explained.

Babilonia-Gaskin says she gets great recipe ideas online for her Keto diet, which lets her splurge once in a while when a special treat pops up that she just can't resist.

"It's a trend. You do it once and then you enjoy it, and it's over," she said.

Check with your doctor before trying any diet or before following any program.

Did someone say food?! Houston food lovers, unite!
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