We found an injured bird outside the ABC13 studios this morning

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This morning after the news, one of our directors came to get me. He noticed what he thought was an injured bird in our courtyard.

Several years ago, I trained as a certified urban wildlife rehabber while I volunteered with TWRC here in Houston. I spent most of my volunteer time in the "Bird Room" at TWRC, taking care of abandoned and injured birds.

I took a look through the window. The bird looked calm, but not visibly hurt.


I decided to go outside and get a closer look just to make sure he was ok. The bird was very calm and let me pick him up. I figured he was probably just stunned from hitting the window.


Then, I noticed a little bit of blood on one my fingers. I took a closer look at his beak and sure enough, he has some blood coming out of his mouth.

This is often a sign of internal bleeding. So, my plan is to take him to the experts at TWRC when they open later this morning.

Until then, we made him a safe, quiet place to rest.


If you find a bird on the ground (especially this time of year), they may or may not be injured.

Check out TWRC's detailed info on what to do if you see a bird in your neighborhood that you think might need help.

I'll keep you posted on what happens with this little guy!

Thinking good thoughts!

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