Inflatable raft leaves huge hole in roof during training accident

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Training mishap by the Canadian Air Force leaves gaping hole in woman's roof. (KTRK)

A woman in Miami was lying in bed, talking on the phone, when a huge life raft came crashing through her roof and covered her in dust and debris.

Luce Rameau says she kept screaming, "What happened? What happened?"

Her answer came from a Canadian Air Force search-and-rescue helicopter.

The uninflated, 2-foot-by-2-foot raft fell off the chopper during a training exercise in Miami, smashing through Rameau's roof and damaging much of her home.

She was shaken up but suffered only minor injuries.

How the raft became detached from the chopper is a question the Canadian Air Force is still trying to answer. The Canadians apologized and promise to pay for all the damage.
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