Halloween party held for boy dying of cancer

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Sunday, July 12, 2015
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We first told you about Billy Lee last month who is suffering from a rare, incurable cancer and his parents are trying to make his last days as happy as possible

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- How would you spend your last days on Earth?

For five-year-old Billy Lee, it's in his Dad's arms, surrounded by superheroes.

"He's different than he was ten months ago," Billy's father, Chris Lee said. "He's happy. It makes us happy to see him smile. That's the point of everything we do."

Billy was diagnosed with brain cancer two year ago.

After four painful surgeries, chemotherapy, and multiple relapses, the cancer is no longer treatable. Doctors have predicted Billy has just over a month to live. So, his family decided, no more hospital rooms, no more medicine, no more needles. Instead, they took him to Florida for two weeks.

"We could continue the chemotherapy for an extra two months, but what is the meaning? You get an extra two months if you need to stay in the hospital for three days?" asked his mother, Kelen Lee.

Billy may not make it to his favorite holiday, Halloween. So, his neighbors decided to bring Halloween to him. Today, they wore costumes, ate cake, and spent time together.

Strangers who had never even met Billy got involved, too. They donated decorations for an Avengers themed party.

"You need to choose between being happy or surviving? I guess I want him happy," Kelen Lee said.

A Gofundme page was created to help the family.