Kiki, are you reading? Elementary school has clever play on hit Drake song

WAGENER, South Carolina (KTRK) -- Drake's song "In My Feelings" became the song of the summer, launching a viral challenge that swept up everyone from celebrities and police officers to dentists, and even the Houston Astros.

But we haven't heard the last of it yet. An elementary school in South Carolina has put its own spin on the catchy lyrics asking not if Kiki loves someone, but rather, books.

A board on the wall in the hallway asks, "Kiki, are you reading? Are you writing? Are you down with the knowledge? Cause I need ya and I want ya to go to college!"

An image of Drake with his hands forming a heart shape is in the corner next to the remixed lines.

The school says it went with the popular play on words in hopes of catching students' attention and to "be one more thing that we can do to interest them in reading and writing and setting goals."

Here's to an educational and Drake-inspired school year, Busbee Elementary!
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