Illegal dumping growing problem across Houston

Monday, September 29, 2014
Illegal dumping growing problem across Houston
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Illegal dumping complaints have climbed to new levels since the city started keeping record two years ago

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Illegal dumping site complaints have increased over the past few months, with more complaints than even before.

"It smells," said Rev. Joe Love, 75, who has found himself now living next to a growing illegal dumping site. "There was a dead cat dumped on that pile."

Rev. Joe said he's complained to the city, but with each day the pile stays, it grows, and it's now attracting pests.

"We have been bothered by rats, which we did not have. Cockroaches which we never had," said Rev. Love.

The illegal dumping site is located in the 4200 block of Yale Street in north Houston.

"Every week. It's either mattresses, garbage. Look at this," said neighbor James Matthews.

It started out with just the couch, and a box spring, then garbage bags that have now been torn open by animals. So now, drink and liquor bottles are scattered among the sharp nails and broken glass.

"I've come through here, and it's been as tall as the building," said Matthews.

It's no joke. Illegal dumping sites have sprouted around Houston, and in the past few months, complaints have climbed to new levels. According to 311 records, complaints and requests for service topped 365 in August, the highest number since the city started keeping record two years ago.

"It don't make you feel good. It does not," said Rev. Love.

Rev. Love said he's complained to 311 twice, and still has not gotten a response. He's still waiting on the garbage truck to pull up any day. Neighbors say they've lost faith and the pile or junk and trash has just become a part of the landscape.

"The minute they pick it up, two weeks later it's going to be the same stuff out here," said Matthews.

Eyewitness News has learned the trash clean up for Rev. Love's home is scheduled for October 14.